Greet the worshipers as they enter the church. Contact people to bring up the gifts.  Choose the presenters of the gifts during Mass.

Greeter Guidelines

Altar Servers

Altar servers. Also called acolytes, can be male or female in most U.S. dioceses. Since servers may often be adults as well as younger boys or girls, the best generic term for all those who assist the priest at the altar is altar servers.

​Altar Server Guidelines.

Ushers (also referred to in some parishes as greeters or welcomers)  assist worshipers in finding a seat, especially at Masses where the size of the congregation nears or exceeds the seating capacity of the church. Also, assist with the collection.

Usher Guidelines.

Minister Training

Saturday, Oct.13, 8:30 am - 1:00 pm at St. John The Baptist.

All current and new Extraordinary Ministers, Sacristans and Lectors. This is an opportunity to participate in the mass in a way that is both helpful and fulfilling. 

You may register by filling up this form.

Lunch will be included.

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